On a recent trip to Uganda and Rwanda for work with “Cheap Rwanda Safaris” we took a detour to Musanze for a gorilla trek, thanks to the travel expert of Rwanda gorilla trek for taking such good care of us. He was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Make sure you are properly outfitted and check the weather for the time of year for what to wear. I was very relieved that the stinging nettles and biting ants I had read about were not an issue for us, even though we trekked pretty far into the jungle. The gorillas were really, really close and we were treated to a one-year-old gorilla frolicking with his family. Worth the time, expense and effort for sure, plus it’s a great way to support the local economy.

Visit the Rwandan Gorillas

Volcanoes Gorilla Trekking Adventure in Rwanda on the 5 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari Holiday we had with Cheap Rwanda Safaris in Dec 2013

We booked our trip to Volcanoes National Park with Cheap Rwanda Safaris from Kigali, and our guide was Vincent Ngarambe and he seemed to be a wise decision maker after our views. Good transport, nice hotel in Ruhengeri and excellent organization of the trip. Although the price for a permit is a bit steep (750 US$), its worth every penny. Imagine yourself amongst a family of 22 gorillas, including a silverback, young, adults and even a baby of 5 months having breakfast at leisure and afterwards finding the time to frolick around. A true life-time experience also thanks to the great staff ranger of the Volcanoes National Park who gave us all the relevant information we needed and made the trip even more special. However when you’re told to keep at least 7 meters distance from the gorillas, please understand the gorillas do not measure the distance themselves and sometimes get a lot closer (1 m.), adding to the thrill. The trek was little over 2 hours so we had ample time to remain amongst the animals and never felt threatened. In fact the feeling was close to comfortable and even familiar. If you can spend the money….go the unforgettable gorilla trekking experience

We spent 5 days in Rwanda on a gorilla trip organized by Cheap Rwanda Safaris. Our terrific guide was with my two sons (twenty-something’s) and me the entire time. We spent our first night in Kigali, and then left early the next morning for Nyungwe Forest. Our guide, Simba, drove us there and gave us the complete tour en-route. We spent two nights at the spectacular Nyungwe Forest Lodge seeing chimps and monkeys before driving with our guide to National Volcanoes Park for two nights. The gorillas are worth the entire trip. I highly recommend Rwanda gorilla trek for its careful guide and staffs, price was reasonable, and lodges and the safari jeep was worth our class of travel “Luxury” Landy land cruiser.